042913 Denali Brewing 0123 042913 Denali Brewing 0141 042913 Denali Brewing 0061 042913 Denali Brewing 0127 042913 Denali Brewing 0139 042913 Denali Brewing 0152 042913 Denali Brewing 0154 042913 Denali Brewing 0191 Coco

Wednesday, April 29: A somewhat spur-of-the-moment trip up to Talkeetna to meet the guys at Denali Brewing Company and taste some beer! Oh, and take beer photos. Twister Creek Restaurant is attached to the brewery and serves both food and beer. We met up with manager Shawn Standley, who helped us out with pouring some beautiful beers in the tasting room. We got to try most of the beers, and my personal favorite was the Purple Haze, an American style wheat brewed with blueberries. It was delicious and had great color!

We ran into JJ’s friend Skye, who was with her dog Coco, who had just learned a new trick…


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