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Arkose Brewery: Named after the Arkose Ridge, which can be seen to the north of this brewing and tasting room in Palmer. Established in 2011, this brewery offers four beers: Boxcar Porter, Earth Bitter ESB, Maiden Mild, and Spin Drift IPA. Stephen Gerteisen brews the beer and his wife runs much of the publicity side of things, including designing the Arkose website, logo and beer labels. Several of her paintings were hanging on the wall when we visited. Awesome t-shirts, too!

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It was a clear, sunny wonderful day, so JJ lead Brian and I through a swampy, wet hike on our drive back from Palmer. I had my brand new Chuck Taylor’s on, but it was all worth it for the view!

I should mention Arkose has a few new beers in store very soon, so come on, Palmer is a quick trip!


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