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It was a crystal clear Autumn day at the 2013 Talkeetna Brewfest. The festival is a benefit event for the Northern Susitna Institute, a collaborative nonprofit educational organization based in Talkeetna. The small town north of Anchorage is a welcoming, tight-knit community. The festival felt like a small get together of good friends in a cozy cabin, complete with a band jamming away in the loft. A fine selection of local craft breweries were on hand for the event including King Street, 49th State, Broken Tooth, Kenai River, Denali, HooDoo, Alaskan, Arkose, Silver Gultch, Glacier, Kassik’s, Midnight Sun, Anchorage and more. A great time was had by all. -JJ

Talkeetna Brewfest

Northern Susitna Institute


Kenai River

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First brewery of a trip down to the peninsula. Drove out to Kenai River Brewing Company in Soldotna and met up with owner and head brewer Doug Hogue, who helped us out with our photo session. Kenai River has 7 beers on tap and two in cans at the moment, Sunken Island IPA, named after a fishing spot on the Kenai River itself, and Skilak Scottish, after Skilak Lake in the area. Doug was awesome and gave us some cans to take home. Thanks! The Peninsula Brewer’s Reserve is also set to be canned soon. Warmer weather had the brewery pretty toasty, but there were plenty of great beer photos spots in the tasting room. Great names for the tanks and canning system, too…Doug was welcoming and gave us everything we needed and even got to meet miss Foxy Brown, who joined us for the adventure.