Baranof Island

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We stayed the night in Juneau and then headed to Sitka the next morning. Once again bright sun and warm weather greeted us as we landed on Baranof Island. JJ had the brilliant idea to rent bicycles instead of taking a taxi to the brewery and it was an amazing journey. We biked up to the brewery and photographed a couple of beers and had a pizza lunch. Baranof Island Brewing Company owner Rick Armstrong was headed back to Sitka on the ferry, so after lunch we went on a bike safari until he returned. The pink salmon were jumping in Crescent bay, and we ran into a young man who was snagging fish down by the shore. He made it look easy.

Sitka National Historic Park was lush, green and beautiful, like something straight out of Endor. We walked our bikes through the forest expecting run into an Ewok and found the water again. I wandered along the shoreline picking up shells and discovered strange of varieties seaweed, starfish and other little intertidal creatures. I could have walked all day.

Back at Baranof, Rick met us with beer and delicious local salmon dip. We showed him the app and the blog and we chatted about Baranof’s history. Rick said the brewery started off as Alaska’s smallest with a 1/2 BBL set up and now brews on a 10 BBL system. They sell beer on and off site. Baranof bottles can be found in the Anchorage area and, impressively, are all hand bottled on site in Sitka.

Heading back to Anchorage was almost tragic. Our three-day sunny and warm adventure was finally at an end. Every brewery. Every beer. Now the real work begins as we prepare to launch The Beer Up Here. Stay tuned.