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The tour continues. After spending the bulk of the day in Juneau at Alaskan, JJ, Brian and I caught a Cessna 208 to Skagway via a quick touchdown in Haines. Skagway is a town made up of old west-looking buildings at the end of a beautiful sea green fjord with epic mountains towering in three directions. We walked to our hotel and then the few blocks down a boarded sidewalk to Skagway Brewing Company where we had an excellent meal and photographed beer. Cruise ships dock at Skagway on a regular basis in the summer and the restaurant was packed, even on a Sunday.

We took a walk down the docks after work and admired the turquoise water, harbor seals and graffiti along the cliffs on the side of the port. Evidently, many cruise ships, captains, diehards and locals have made their mark in paint on these cliffs: see photo above of skull and other signage on the rocks. Salmon were leaping out of the water and whales were spouting as the sun sank behind a mountain.

We awoke Monday searching for coffee and wifi, and then returned to Skagway Brewing. We met up with Trevor Clifford, the brewer, who showed us around the upstairs brewery above the restaurant and gave us a detailed history of the building. Skagway has a history of incarnations of the brewing company starting in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush. Michael Healy opened the current brewery in 2007. Trevor appeared insanely busy and yet took plenty of time to answer our questions and give Skagway a worthy back story. I can’t express how much we appreciate being welcomed into the Alaska beer community with open arms from every single person we’ve met on this adventure.