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JJ, Brian and I left Anchorage yesterday and embarked on a whirlwind tour of southeast Alaska to photograph the last four breweries for The Beer Up Here. We flew into Juneau and headed to Alaskan Brewing Company, where we met Andy Kline. Andy came in on his day off and was extremely helpful. He first gave us a tour of the brewery, which isn’t as large as we expected, but still the biggest in Alaska. Most breweries send their spent grains to farmers for livestock, but in Juneau there are no farms. Alaskan recycles turns their spent grain into fuel. The brewery also uses a carbon dioxide reclamation system to package beer. Andy also hooked us up with beer. It was a wonderful clear and warm day in Juneau, so we were able to get shots both inside and outside and enjoy a few beers, too.

The extremely gracious Andy offered to give us a ride to the airport to catch our next flight to Skagway, and we gladly accepted. He dropped us off right near the airport next to the huge field of fireweed we saw on the flight in. The vast sea of fuchsia made for awesome photos before we finally headed out.