Kodiak Island

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Brian and JJ flew down to Kodiak with Dr. Fermento and were met by a rare clear sunny day and by Kodiak Island Brewing Company brewer and manager Ben Millstein. Millstein pulled up in his Subaru Baja and said something along the lines of “It’s too nice of a day, let’s just go hiking. I want to get on top of the mountain.” All the guys agreed to take advantage of the opportunity, so spent the first part of the day surrounded by emerald green mountains and a 360 degree view of the harbor and surrounding ocean. A wind farm on the mountainside supplies 20 percent of Kodiak’s power. The first stop after the hike was to Rendezvous Bar & Grill, where Kodiak’s Sarah Pale Ale is on tap. After, the guys headed to the brewery itself, which is downtown near the harbor, and photographed six more. JJ described the brewery as nautical-themed, with actual ship masts built into the structure. A final stop by Henry’s Great Alaska Restaurant was necessary to photograph the final beer, Liquid Sunshine.

Brian and JJ had only wonderful things to say about Millstein:

“Ben was one of the coolest guys and he made us feel really welcome. He’s more concerned about making beer for his community than sending it off the island. Kodiak has one of the biggest and coolest decorated tap rooms that we’ve seen so far. The tanks are named after his daughters and his wife. He’s well-spoken and obviously very well integrated into the community. He knew a lot about the wind power.”

All photos by Brian Wotring.


Dr. Fermento’s Column in the Anchorage Press