Silver Gulch

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After hanging out with the HooDoo guys, JJ, Brian and I headed north of Fairbanks to Fox, where Silver Gulch Brewing & Bottling Company lies in a big silver barn-like building. We were met by head brewer Levi Hansen and his BMW motorcycle and he got us started with a brewery tour and a couple beers before manager Matt Tonnies arrived to pour the rest of the beers. Silver Gulch has a huge brewery and huge restaurant, upstairs, downstairs, room for receptions and an outdoor patio. Everyone was very pleasant to work with, as I am realizing is the norm for all Alaska beer people. At every brewery we visit, I see more and more what a wonderful craft beer community we have in Alaska. Everyone knows each other and speaks highly of each other, there isn’t much competition. I remember the HooDoo guys being shocked that Fairbanks didn’t have a microbrewery before they opened, and welcome other brewers to their city. So, a good time was had by all, and Levi even modeled the Weird Beard barley wine for me!