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Apparently, a hoodoo is “a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland,” according to Wikipedia. However, the awesome name of this awesome brewery in Fairbanks comes from yet another mountain and mountainous area, this time in Canada. Bobby Wilken and Paul Johnson, a couple of cool, bicycle-riding, mustache-sporting guys, are keeping it simple in interior Alaska with four delicious beers in the tasting room at the moment and plans for more in the future. On tap at HooDoo: Kolsch, Stout, American IPA, Maibock and a nude Freddy Mercury doll. The guys were super helpful, including brewer Erick Heimbigner, who stop working for a quick photo, and we really enjoyed hanging out for awhile, especially because it was almost 90 and a clear and sunny day. We were invited to come back for vinyl Tuesday, and I wish we’d had time, but alas, we still had two other breweries to get to and get back to Eagle River.

Oh, and the HooDoo firetruck came from a volunteer station in Austria.