49th State

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49th State Brewing Company in Denali Park, 10 miles north of the entrance to the park, was our last Fairbanks trip stop. The place was crazy busy with tourist season, but we were still able to get our beer photos. 49th has a big yard out in front of the restaurant, and dogs were running around, music was playing, fire was burning and mosquitos were biting. The bus used in the movie “Into the Wild” (not the real bus) sits on one side of the yard with flat tires and broken windows, and we utilized that for a few shots. Master brewer Jason Bullen poured us beer (enjoyed all the sips I had) and David McCarthy helped us out with information. I wish this brewery was closer – the food looked great and the atmosphere was fun. Definitely a good place to stop on the way up north.

On the way back to Eagle River, we stopped to get a couple photos of the Igloo building, which apparently is an unfinished hotel and someone’s bizarre idea of architectural design…