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Nestled in the woods off the main road on the Kenai, almost to Nikiski, is the Kassik’s brewery, tasting room and the house where owners Debara and Frank Kassik live with their black lab, Molly. This was our last stop of the trip and it was raining. That didn’t stop us, though, and Debara was more than helpful in suggesting creative places for beer photos, going so far as to build a little bonfire for a few shots. Debara and Frank opened several bottled beers for us, too – beers not on tap. Brewers Luke and Dreaux helped in not letting that beer go to waste. Standup guys! Kassik’s probably has some of the more interesting beer names – Orion’s Quest Red Ale, Roughneck Stout, Pretty Fly for a White IPA, Your Mom Abbey Ale…