Broken Tooth

051613 Broken Tooth 1069 051613 Broken Tooth 1014 051613 Broken Tooth 1139 051613 Broken Tooth 1173 051613 Broken Tooth 1002 051613 Broken Tooth 1165 051613 Broken Tooth 1084 051613 Broken Tooth Dyp 051613 Broken Tooth 1222 051613 Broken Tooth 1202 051613 Broken Tooth 1221

Broken Tooth. They have a lot of beers. Thank you Tyler Jones for bringing out all the beer! JJ and Tyler bonded over their mutual Star Wars obsession, too. In fact, Broken Tooth has a Darth Delirium beer. JJ did an amazing pouring job and we got a lot of really creative awesome shots. Stay tuned to check them out in the Beer Up Here app. We had some lunch at Moose’s Tooth after and got a few more shots at the bar and got to see the brazillion kegs back in the keg room. Fairweather IPA is probably my favorite Alaska beer, so it was great to work with these guys. I’m sure we’ll will be back soon.


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